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You probably know now that sustainability is kind of our thing.

Discover how we’re making fashion more sustainable

and making this planet a better one for ourselves and our mini-selves.






Quality pieces made to last


Every QLOTHÈ piece is our baby (yours too). At QLOTHÈ, we spend hours ensuring the perfect fit and that details are exactly where and what they need to be. We believe that sustainably made garments need to be as accessible as possible, and that’s why we strive to keep our prices fair and margins below the industry average. Plus, for prices to be truly fair, we keep them the same all year long. This is why we don’t often run sales or promotions, and it helps all of us give due respect to everyone toiling behind the scenes to make our stuff.



Eco-friendly materials


A large portion of the sustainability impact of fashion actually happens before the garments are actually made. So be proud of us – it didn’t used to be that way, but from 2019 onward, we only source the most gorgeous and sustainable fabrics to craft our collections. By sustainable, we mean those that are not only natural, but also with minimal environmental impact, e.g. lyocell, viscose, recycled polyester, certified materials, etc.





A Green Story


A garment is a lot more than the price you pay for it. The true cost of fashion is often behind the scenes; but this time round, we’re bringing them to the front. At QLOTHÈ, we mathed it out by calculating the water used, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and the energy consumed in our production processes. We then compared the impact of our garments against those made with conventional fabrics and present this information to you for each garment that you purchase. This way, you get to make conscious, empowered decisions on the things you buy + extra cookie points for being an all around-awesome planet-saver. Don’t believe us? Just click on our latest collections to check it out.



For the extra fashionable geeks, here’s how it works:


We worked with a couple of extra-smart, extra-green scientists to math it out. Through what’s called a cradle-to-gate comparative life cycle inventory study, we looked at all the processes involved in making our garments, from acquiring the raw materials down to her actual birth and compared all relevant life-stages of sustainably made vs. conventionally made garments to estimate the net impact we make for a piece of garment across 3 key metrics: Greenhouse Gas emissions, energy consumption and blue water consumption.


Love geek-ing it out? Click here to learn all about our methodology.





Saving the planet


We’ve said before that it’s not enough to just use sustainable materials and leave it at that, and we mean it. Beyond making sure that you look damn good next week at your frenemy’s wedding, we want you onboard with saving this planet too. In the industry, we use a lot of resources in making our garments, and that’s why we’ve partnered with amazing organisations around the world to make sure that we use them responsibly, and also to put back what we use.


We work with partners such as PMHaze, and One Tree Planted on our Buy-a-Piece, Plant-a-Tree programme, ensuring that for every garment that you bring home, we plant a tree in areas of need to restore the local ecosystems and support native communities.


That’s not all – in 2019, we joined the ranks of giants such as Patagonia, Stella McCartney and EILEEN FISHER to work with Canopy, an internationally-acclaimed non-profit organisation that helps to protect ancient and endangered forests around the world. We’ve worked with them on a public policy to shape our commitments towards the responsible use of forestry-related products in making our garments and packaging our products. Click here to find out what we’ve committed to.








Our packaging is 100% plastic-free, made from either recycled paper products or FSC-certified paper products. If you’ve received our mailers before, they’re made from 100% compostable plant-based materials that are home-compostable and leave no harmful residues behind after degrading. In fact, the only residue left behind is a soil enhancer – think of it as plant food. Plus, our printed wrapping tissues are printed using soy ink as opposed to traditional petroleum based inks, which makes the paper easier to recycle. Mmm, healthy.


That being said, it can still be better, and so we’ve partnered with Canopy to shape our Pack4Good policy to improve and innovate on how we can make packaging healthy for your mother (Earth). Read more about it here.



Studio, E-commerce and Sustainable Purchasing


We operate mainly via e-commerce, which is great news – because by bypassing trips to and from a store, the carbon footprint of an online shopper can be up to 50% lower than that of a retail shopper. So the next time you shop with us, it’s not that you couldn’t get out of bed, it’s just that you’re trying to save the planet, right?


Also, because we believe it’s not enough to be simply carbon-neutral when we consume power (because electricity is still generated via conventional means, and then offset with credits), you’ll be quite happy to know that our small studio based in sunny Singapore is working with local power providers to be powered by solar power, which is totally clean and renewable.


And it’s not just that. We use a ton of stuff daily in our operations, and we give priority to products that are post-consumer recycled, or are biodegradable as far as we can.





What’s next?


Being a better, more responsible brand is always a work-in-progress. There’s still a ton of stuff that we can improve on, and with your help, here’s what we’re going to do:


Recycling programme


Our garments don’t die the day you stop wearing them, they die the day you forget about them. This is why we have begun work to explore recycling programs with partners to help make it easier for you to recycle and/or make use of your old garments better so that they can enjoy a second life.


Systematic reduction/improvement in packaging


Currently, our packaging is pretty damn eco-friendly, if you ask us. But we think it could be better. That is why we have worked with Canopy to enact a public Pack4Good policy on how we’re committing to more responsibly packaging your parcels.


There’s so much more we can do, and so much more coming right up. Think we can be better? Let us know by sending us a mail at or We would love to hear from you!