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This November,
a bunch of really awesome people came together
to launch #projectincandescentdreams.


Project Incandescent Dreams is a two-phase CSR initiative

by QLOTHÈ in collaboration with local startups, artists,

design institutions and charitable organisations.






The aim of Project Incandescent Dreams was to meaningfully engage

and help underprivileged children in Singapore,

and to raise awareness of their less fortunate circumstances.


So we held two sessions of art workshops for children from two different VWOs

for an afternoon of fun, joy and laughter.







































QLOTHÈ’s collections are inspired by stories,

and extraordinary women who are unafraid of breaking conventions

and unafraid of expressing themselves.


Many of these children too, have a head full of dreams and aspirations,

but they don’t often get the chance to fulfill them.

So we launched Project Incandescent Dreams to help write their stories.


The art pieces you see above will be used as inspirations for wearable prints

that will go into QLOTHÈ’s next collection: Incandescent Dreams.

Thereafter, a portion of the sale proceeds from the collection will

go back to the programmes run by collaborating VWOs to help further their cause.










It’s a wrap for now,

but a collection doesn’t design itself.

We’ll keep you girls posted!

But before that, #keepdrawing.




A special shoutout to @kaitinghearts and who came along as participants and selfless volunteers in the event!


Til’ next time.