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If you haven’t realised, we’re big on trees, like really big. At QLOTHÈ, we source our materials responsibly so that we can help to protect endangered and ancient forests, alongside with the species that live there. Plus, we’re upping the ante towards protecting the world’s forests by ensuring that our forest-based products come from sustainably managed forests.







The majority of our woven fabric comes from trees, and are made from wood pulp. In a sense, our sustainably made garments start their lives as a tree. For this reason, we’re really committed towards ensuring that the forests we source from are sustainably managed and well-protected.

Forests are great: they provide us with clean air, are amazing carbon sinks and great substitutes for fossil raw materials and are habitats to a majority of the world’s birds and animals.





Fun forest facts: About 300 million fellow humans live in and directly depend on forests. They play a vital role in storing carbon to maintain climate stability and giving us clean air, which also means that their destruction (not cool, guys) is a huge driver of climate change. Ancient and endangered forests now cover only approximately 12.6% of the Earth’s surface, and what’s left is irreplaceable. Here, click below to channel your inner forest geek:














You can probably start seeing why we’re so committed to elevating our forestry standards. To that end, we’re really proud to announce that we’ll be joining the ranks of giants such as Patagonia, Stella McCartney, Reformation, EILEEN FISHER, etc. to work with the non-profit group Canopy to be a part of their CanopyStyle initiative to help create positive change and protect our world’s forests by promoting transparency and traceability so that our customers can make empowered and informed decisions about the products they buy.


Check out our Canopy policy to learn more about our commitment to sustainable forests. Hang on, we’re not stopping just yet, read on.





If you are a proud owner of a QLOTHÈ garment (if not, what are you waiting for?), you may have noticed that your parcels come in packaging made from paper. Three billion trees are logged for packaging each year, many of which come from Ancient and Endangered Forests. That’s a lot of trees. We know, gross.





Fortunately, the paper we use at QLOTHÈ comes from sustainably certified forests. We work with a number of industry partners (such as our packaging partners noissue) to develop a suite of sustainably sourced and made packaging solutions – from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified wrapping tissues printed in soy-based inks to, yes, even the paper we print on comes from sustainably managed forests. Check out more juicy + geeky facts by clicking below:













So yes, packaging is a thing. But if you think we’re stopping here, think again. It’s not enough to just ensure that our garments are sourced and made responsibly – it makes sense that the packaging that we send you is given the same care. That’s why we’re working with Canopy not just on the CanopyStyle initiative, but also their Pack4Good initiative to prioritize the use of radically efficient design and systems to reduce use of paper packaging, increase reusable shipping boxes, maximize recycled content and kick start next generation solution alternatives to conventional wood feedstock.


If you haven’t checked our public policy and commitments yet, check out our Canopy Pack4Good + CanopyStyle policy rolled into one to see how we’re saving the planet while making sure you look damn good at the same time.