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All of us have a story to tell.

Perhaps you’re a heroine without the cape,

a poet with a flair for the dramatic,

or an adventurer with a queer penchant for quaint, hidden cafes.




We write these stories of yours for a living,

and we tell them through the clothes we design.





We write them for you:


The modern day woman,

who has a love for the creative and expressive.

She is independent, confident and comfortable in her own skin.

She makes remarkable look effortless.





In celebrating these stories,
QLOTHÈ has teamed up with 7 influencers you know and love

to tell you their stories through the pieces we make.


Each of them is also holding a STORIES, by QLOTHÈ giveaway for the next two weeks

to give away vouchers worth up to $1,000.



To participate, simply follow these instructions:

1. Head on over to their STORIES, by QLOTHÈ instagram post

2. Follow them and us on Instagram (@qlothe)

3. Comment and tag 3 of your friends on Instagram for each post to stand a chance!

4. Bonus: Do the same for each of the influencers indicated in this blog post

for extra chances to win (you will need to tag different friends for the bonus chance)

5. Bonus: Share with us (via this link) the type of clothing

that represents yourself and your story to stand an extra bonus chance to win!


































So start writing your story,