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We held a Stories, by QLOTHÈ giveaway recently,
and we received a ton of stories from you girls,
sharing with us just how what you wear
tells us a story about yourself.


The best two submissions walked away with
a $100 QLOTHE.com voucher each
but we really loved all your stories.
Here’s a roundup of our favourites.
Presenting, Stories, by You:




We loved how Eunice is comfortable with herself!




IKR, that’s like totally our thing too.



Award-winning story right here (literally).

Approved #qlothebabe.


“ Clothes allow me to express my creativity and they represent different sides of me. QLOTHÈ inspires me to continuously express myself through the clothes I wear ”  — Faith


We got mentioned!

Thanks Faith, know that we love you.


“ Clothes to me are like Lego bricks that allow me to piece together or express a certain idea or a certain style I wish to emulate. They are my way of conveying my ideas, feelings and expressions everyday ”  — Joey


Except stepping on clothes isn’t as painful.

But we get the idea.


“ Our clothes are an extension of ourselves, what we believe in and our personalities. The QLOTHÈ design is an inspiring example of wearing whatever we want, whenever we want. Life’s far too short for others to tell us how to live it. ” — Vanessa



We love it! 




Thank you all for submitting your stories.

There’s a lot more where it came from,

but it’d get too long to read.


In case you missed the memo,

QLOTHÈ creates contemporary pieces

that come together to tell a story. 

Our collections feature eclectic designs

with a distinct aesthetic; unified by a few common things:

superior construction, thoughtful fabrics

and an on-trend perspective.


Our pieces are inspired by you,

the creative, the expressive,

the modern woman who feels infinitely comfortable

in her own skin.