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Getting around


In case you missed the memo, it’s kind of terrible to be driving around all the time, even in familiar vacay spots. Get your ass out there, go on public transit, bike or walk and explore the great outdoors. Also helps avoid the speeding tickets you’re bound to get on any kinds of vacation.




It’s called eating with a conscience. If you aren’t already onboard, we’re here to help. Here’s some food for thought (see what we did here?):


Food provenance – Choose restaurants and cafes that source seafood responsibly and raise meat in an ethical manner.
Cooking oil – Palm oil is linked to deforestation and loss of wildlife in Indonesia and Malaysia and is a major contributor to the haze we see every year in the region. Choose restaurants that use certified sustainable palm oil.


Our friends at Siloso Beach Resort avoids unsustainable seafood on WWF’s red list, and also uses certified sustainable palm oil in their cooking. Some of our favourite options also include VeganBurg and nomVnom, be sure to check them out.


But if you can’t agree on what to eat with your travel buddy, we can’t help with that. Deal with it.


Fretting over what to pack along for your next vacay? Fret not.

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Vacay responsibly.