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pre-fall 2017

“less is more”

Minimalism is growing to be an increasingly popular concept, and for good reasons.

Technology and society is changing and will continue to change at a blistering rate. We are bombarded daily by a wild smorgasbord of marketing messages, videos, pictures, news, products and the next-best-thing-since-sliced-bread. Our needs and wants grow exponentially, fueling impossible desires to live a hundred different lives and a mad scurry to fill this gap through vicarious means. One can easily see how overwhelming this can become, and the call for us to declutter our lives has never been stronger.

collection drop dates: 3 May – 18 July

Sophie wearing the Elle Dress feat. the QLOTHÈ gift box

Sophie in the Lynn Colorblock Midi Dress

Sophie in the Faye Colorblock Dress

Sophie wearing the Skye Asymmetric Longline Top / Bonny Pleated Skirt

Sophie in the Leia Pinafore Dress

Sophie in the Leah Cold-shoulder Dress