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A quaint, delicate and effortless romance.

“There’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember; and there is Pansies, that’s for thoughts…”


– Ophelia in Hamlet, iv. 5






The Delphine Dress


For a long time, Rosemary has been regarded as a symbol of remembrance, weddings and love; and this collection aims at capturing this romantic sentiment. It’s meant to be read like a romantic novel, told through dreamy silhouettes and whimsical colors.




The Selene Dress


The collection celebrates slow-living, love, romance and a quiet respite from incessant fanfares and social must-be’s.







The Layla Dress



The collection takes on a soft, dreamy palette consisting of whites, lavenders, almond and vanilla pinks, a sprightly stil-de-grain yellow and the ever-ubiquitous white.




The Genevieve Dress


Rosemary is a collection whose story is told through dreamy silhouettes and whimsical, romantic colors.




The Chloe Dress



The collection features soft structures, voluminous pieces and sumptuously soft and smooth fabrics used in her construction. It is quintessentially feminine, exuding a hint of quiet resplendence that is subtle and understated.




The Rosemary Dress





Collection drops from:

early December 2017


early February 2018



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