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the salt of the earth

resort 2017

“ye are the salt of the earth”

basic, fundamental goodness

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly hectic and quickly spiraling out of control. We all yearn to return to our roots, a little more sky, a little more earth. Calm, soothing tones that give us more breathing space. Clean pieces that help us define and reclaim islands of relaxation and tranquility, that help us find ourselves back.

This collection is meant to recollect the romance of a time when we were closer to nature, a time when we could laugh over the simplest things, a time when things were simpler and less complicated. As our surroundings becomes invaded by more unfeeling concrete and steel, what we wear becomes a portrait of these times.

inspired by nocturnal colors and rainy skies,
the collection satisfies the hopeless
romantic in us.

Gabriela wearing the Breathless Ring Wrap Dress

Gabriela in the Seafarer Textured Pleat Dress

Gabriela in the Blithe Emboss Kimono Top and the Vicarious Side Pocket Shorts

Gabriela in the Novella Cold Shoulder Dress