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stories of freedom

resort 2017

There’s a story behind everything: every thread, every pattern, every colour. The supple touch on a fabric, the quiet comfort as you rub it across your fingers, the alluring scent of a new dress.

This collection is driven by the inherent desire to write one’s own story. Everyone has a story to tell but we’re so often lost among the chaos left behind our everyday lives. We long for expression and the freedom to do so.

With this collection, we celebrate the freedom of expression, we celebrate the urge to do whatever you want to do, whenever. Stay true to yourself and your heroes, go write your own story.

the collection is inspired by Pantone’s Colours of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

Gabriela in the Blithe Emboss Culottes

Gabriela wearing the Freedom High Waisted Shorts

Aerie in the Storied Asymmetric Hem Dress